E-Design Questionnaire

Welcome to E-Design! 

Please take your time and be as descriptive as possible. This will help us really get to know you and your style! If you have any questions or prefer to have a phone appointment to fully describe your room needs and design style, please submit a request form on the contact page. Looking forward to working with you!

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Which areas can we help you with? *
Are you looking to start from scratch or simply finish off a room that has been "unfinished" forever?
Are you open to painting? *
If so, please list below. When contacted for photos please provide an image of each piece to be used within your custom design.
Please list any items that you would like to be incorporated into your design. Lighting, specific furniture pieces, design elements, ect.
Does the room need to be kid or pet friendly? Or any special considerations or needs for your space?
The colors I like best are? *
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If so, please list below:
When selecting patterns I prefer:
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My preferred metal finish is?
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Are you open to adding new lighting fixtures (ceiling or walls) to your space?
We might recommend a minimum budget for specific room types and sizes
Minimum of two images of inspiration please
Thank you!

Once we have received your E-Design Questionnaire we will be in touch to gather images and measurements to help us get started with your custom room design.