Island Lighting | Top Picks

Lighting can make or break a design and when the lighting is on point the whole room shines! But, it can be a daunting task to not only select the best designed light but also pick the appropriately sized light for the space. SO here are some tips along with some our top picks to help you get started!  

One of my favorite design elements in a kitchen is the island lighting. It is a hands down star and a place where you can have a little fun. I love to use oversized pendant to really capture your eye. Here are four of our top picks for large scale pendants (18" - 24" wide). 

Large Scale Pendants

1. Conical Drum Pendant  2. Gorham Gray Wood Pendant  3. Fulton Pendant  4. Nina Dome Pendant

Small scale (10" - 13") pendant are often used in groupings of 3 or on a smaller scale island. Here are four of our top picks!

Small Scale Pendants

1. Possini Schoolhouse Pendant 2. Eugene Pendant 3. Hatteras Pendant 4. Haleigh Wire Dome Pendant

A couple key pointers to keep in your pocket when it come time to hang those perfect fixtures are: 1. Hanging height should be 36" - 40" from countertop to bottom of pendant. 2. Keep you spacing symmetrical with average distance between pendants at approximately 30" - 32" apart.  3. Use pendant lighting as a secondary light source with primary ceiling lighting around for the perfect balance.

If you have any questions over selecting the perfect lighting for your space send them our way! And of course if you have a design project in the works let us know, we'd love to help!



Wallpaper is making a big come back | Find out how to choose, use and remove.

Wallpaper has made such a splash in the home décor industry. The polarizing paint alternative and longtime decorating stigma has returned to fashion thanks to super stylish prints, dimensional fabrics, and new materials that make it easy to install and to remove. Offering more drama then paint, it’s a fun way to transform a room and reflect your personal style without breaking the bank.

Why has wallpaper made such a comeback one might ask? A few things had led to the renewed interest in wallpaper. First, people have grown tired of the grays-whites-neutrals and are looking for change. Wallcoverings offers that changes with its personal touch, many contemporary designs and colorways. People want their homes to feel special and unique and wallpaper is the perfect way to do just that.

The new wallpaper designs are much different than the old school. The new digital printing technology offers prints that are oversized and whimsical. The colors are richer and brighter. The fabrics are textured and sometimes three-dimensional. The design choices endless, like Boheme Blossom

Boheme Blossom.jpg

The Innocence Duck Egg wallpaper design is subtle enough to use across an entire room whilst still making a real color statement.


Let’s not forget the geometrics designs. They range from classical curves to ultra-modern block designs with an urban flavor. From subtle creams and beige combinations to bright bold colors.

Kelly’s Ikat White & Soft Grey Wallpaper

kellys ikat.jpg
geo taupe.jpg

Installing and removing wallpaper used to be a time consuming and tiring process. However, modern technology including new adhesive residue – has made wonders to simplify this process. There is no more scraping and streaming. The new wallpaper goes on easy and comes off even easier without any damage to the walls. Watch the video provided by Graham & Brown to see just how easy wallpapering has become.

Today’s wallpaper has never been more affordable and more convenient. It gives your room that special touch, depth and design that paint just can’t achieve.  Check out Graham & Brown’s full wallpaper selection here.

Find one that you can't live without? Now through November 1st you can use code SHIPSFREE for free shipping! I just know there will be a perfect pattern for your room. 

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Misty Meadows Kitchen Reno | Before & After

Another kitchen reno is in the books! And I am loving this one! It has a young and hip vibe, playful backsplash, and oh-so-much storage! Because, let's be real, we all have WAY to many fun (and cute) kitchen gadgets and ALWAYS need more places to put them! Tell me that's not just me....

Keep scrolling for all the details on our Misty Meadows Kitchen Reno!

MM Kitchen Kitchen:DR.jpg

My clients came to me with a story that is not unfamiliar. They wanted to update their 70s kitchen, keep the same footprint, add more storage, raise the ceiling, and create a unique space that is a little outside their comfort zone. They wanted a nod to traditional and a stainless steel apron front sink was a MUST. 


These pics may look familiar to some of you. The low ceilings, dark lighting, laminate, where do I even start. We wanted to keep the footprint the same and make the most of the space. The "afters" are almost unrecognizeable!


In order to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary, I mixed a lot of mediums. The raised panel cabinets are timeless and elegant, but I brought things into the 21st century by doing a two tone scheme. The rich dark wood would ground the space on the lower cabinets, while the white uppers would make it feel larger, brighter, and new! Because they wanted to be pushed a little outside of their comfort zone, I selected a multi-tone pennyround tile. It has classic appeal with it's shape and size, but a more contemporary attitude with the graphite, gray, and off white hues. The quartz is a newer material, but in a marble pattern which again is the perfect transition from old to new. Add in some bling with the lighting and cabinet hardware and you've got yourself the perfect recipe for a stylish kitchen update! (pun was most definitely intended!)

They also wanted to add storage to their adjoining dining room and create a place to serve large dinners. I designed a built in buffet to accommodate lots of storage for linens and serving platters, while allowing for a buffet in the center. It tied the two spaced together and made the dining room more functional for entertaining. 

MM Kitchen Design Board 2.jpg


What a transformation! I was beyond thrilled with how this one came together and how it completely changed the space! 

And don't you just love how the dining room turned out? I would love to host dinner parties for friends and families in this space! The hint of pennyround with the dramatic cabinets and lighting are such a gorgeous focal point and really tie everything together!

MM Kitchen Dining.jpg
MM Kitchen Dining Detail.jpg

Kitchens are the heart of the home and such a smart place to invest. If you are thinking about a complete overhaul or just a small update, don't hassle with the stress of doing it alone. For more information on this project or to start the conversation about planning your own reno, please contact me. I would love to hear from you!

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Tealicious | My Current Color Obsession

After wrapping up my latest modern beach house project (keep your eye out for more details), I have had teal on the brain! This color is so versatile and I cannot get ENOUGH of it! From modern to traditional, subtle to intense, this color is so classic....and right on trend!

For those who are brave, try a bold teal tile in the kitchen or bath, like our Mid Century Master Retreat shown on the bottom left. If you want something inviting yet not so permanent, go with a sofa or accent chair in a rich jewel tone. And if those are still too daring, add in an accent wall in one of our favorite teal colors with a couple of accent pillows and succulents to liven up an existing space. 

Keep in mind the intensity of the color can also dictate the mood and style. If you are traditional at heart, stick to deeper, more muted shades. If you want a more lively and modern space try going for a lighter hue. If you seek airy and bright, think seaglass tones for a beachy aesthetic. 

For more tips and guidance on how to modernize your space with fresh color, please contact us to talk more about the possibilities!

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