Holiday Wreaths | Top Picks

I can't believe that Christmas is only a few short days away. This year we are way behind on the decor front at our house and are just now putting up all the trimmings to make our house shine with holiday spirt. This year I wanted to find a new wreath to hang above our range hood to add a holiday touch to our newly renovated kitchen. So I searched out a few wreath favs to add to our Top Picks series. 

If you're interseted I went with Top Pick #1 but all these finds have a fresh spin and the classic holiday staple. 

Holiday Wreaths

1. Pinecone & Berries Wreath  2.Lite Magnolia Wreath   3. Bay Leaf & Pepperberry  4. Juniper Berry Wreath

There is one bouns to waiting until the last minuet to buy and decorate...SALE prices!! Ha, well better late than never. 

Let us know what you think about our favs at the moment. And like always if you need helping finding the perfect decor for your home let us know!

Cheers, Holly

Kitchen Stools | Top Picks

The saying "The kitchen is the heart of the home" is proven to be true time and time again; and when I meet with new families that are looking to give their home an overhaul this is always a big consideration when it comes to design and layout.

There are so many details that go into designing a kitchen. From cabinets, lighting, tile to counter tops. But another important design feature that is sometime overlooked is kitchen seating. Having a place to sit and entertain is always top on clients list. So a great stool is always needed. Not only does it bring function but another dose of perfectly tailored design style. 

I must say it was hard to only pick a top 4 so I am sure I will be revisiting this subject again!

Top Picks, Kitchen Stools

1. Slope Leather Stools  2. Chantay Counter Stool  3. Danish Oak Stool  4. Henson Swivel Stool

Most stools have the option of either counter height or bar height, so make sure you are selection the perfect height for your counter top. We recommend having about 10" from the bottom of the counter top to the seat of your stool. Also, make sure you give each stool about 28-30" of sitting room. To get the perfect amount of stools for your kitchen, divide the lenght in inches by 30 to get your ideal number of stools. 

Let us know what you think about our favs at the moment. And like always if you need helping finding the perfect stool to perch on in your kitchen let us know!

Cheers, Holly