Island Lighting | Top Picks

Lighting can make or break a design and when the lighting is on point the whole room shines! But, it can be a daunting task to not only select the best designed light but also pick the appropriately sized light for the space. SO here are some tips along with some our top picks to help you get started!  

One of my favorite design elements in a kitchen is the island lighting. It is a hands down star and a place where you can have a little fun. I love to use oversized pendant to really capture your eye. Here are four of our top picks for large scale pendants (18" - 24" wide). 

Large Scale Pendants

1. Conical Drum Pendant  2. Gorham Gray Wood Pendant  3. Fulton Pendant  4. Nina Dome Pendant

Small scale (10" - 13") pendant are often used in groupings of 3 or on a smaller scale island. Here are four of our top picks!

Small Scale Pendants

1. Possini Schoolhouse Pendant 2. Eugene Pendant 3. Hatteras Pendant 4. Haleigh Wire Dome Pendant

A couple key pointers to keep in your pocket when it come time to hang those perfect fixtures are: 1. Hanging height should be 36" - 40" from countertop to bottom of pendant. 2. Keep you spacing symmetrical with average distance between pendants at approximately 30" - 32" apart.  3. Use pendant lighting as a secondary light source with primary ceiling lighting around for the perfect balance.

If you have any questions over selecting the perfect lighting for your space send them our way! And of course if you have a design project in the works let us know, we'd love to help!